What is CSA – Community supported agriculture

  • Customer buys directly from the farmer through membership
  • Members receive weekly share of all produce grown on the farm
  • All members share equally in the harvest
  • You accept that share size can vary or crops can fail due to weather or other factors
  • Offers shares in exchange for labor, rather than money

  •  Weekly shares of healthy, local grown produce  
  •  Eating vegetables within hours of their harvest
  •  Knowing your farmer & how your food is grown
  •  Access to additional farm–fresh, locally–grown or produced foods
  •  Opportunities to visit and participate in the farm, including special events

About Our CSA

  CSA season


This year we are doing 4 six week shares!  

There will be a Spring Share starting May 6th and going until June 10th, this share is going to have the earliest spring veggies, this group gets the Asparagus, Rhubarb, Radishes, the yummiest of the first spring greens and if we're lucky, strawberries!


The Summer I Share (June 17th- July 22nd ) This share is gonna miss out on the Asparagus but is going to get the first cucumbers, the first tomatoes, the summer squash, the sweet corn, onions, garlic and more!

The Summer II Share (July 29th- Sept 2nd) This is the time of abundance, lots tomatoes and peppers, sweet corn, early apples, squash.


The Autumn Share (Sept 9th - Oct 14th)  Due to popular demand and general dissappointment in our early season ending last year we have added the 'real' autumn share! , lots of  tomatoes, peppers, winter squash, pumpkins, apples and more!


                            What foods are available?

  • Our own locally grown vegetables and herbs, freshly picked, including many heirloom and specialty varieties. See our complete produce list.

  • Eggs from our free range layers are farm fresh through an optional egg share. These are the delicious eggs with the rich, orange yolks and the non-runny whites.

  • Other items we hope to offer soon: more fruits, cider, cheeses, honey, meat and other locally produced foods – beyond the regular CSA shares.

Which items will I receive?

Your items will be based on availability and quality. We'll do our best to provide variety in every share. We'll let you know at each delivery items you can anticipate receiving the next week. For quantities and harvest times for the items you'll receive, see our produce list.

Pick Up Sites

  • Schuyler, At The Farm, 626 Rd 12, Schuyler.                     




To sign up download the membership form by clicking on the symbol below.  

This year our CSA will only be available for pick-up at the farm.  

Details for this CSA are still to be decided. 

2019 application is still posted for reference but this years details will change.  Thanks.